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Justice Roll Down Like Water

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Mercer Contemporary

Nicole Bray & Linda Cummings

From Nicole Bray: “I had the unique opportunity to speak with Linda Cummings about her practice spanning years of photography, installation, and performance. In this interview Linda gives us an insight into the various projects she’s developed over the years, she tells us about the themes of movement and atemporality in her work, and more about Slippages her installation currently on view at 89 Greene, at Signs and Symbols Gallery.”


I am drawn to dynamic forces at play between nature and the constructed world. How we “makes sense” of experience and our role in shaping it drives my artistic quest. Each portfolio has evolved from staged interventions I made in various environments using elements introduced both by me, and by chance. My hand is at play in every photograph, drawing on, with, into or just below the surfaces of water, wind and light. The photograph is a trace of this reciprocal relationship and co-construction. I shape the process as the process shapes me.


Site specific works and installations are collaborations with commissioning partners to inspire and engage audiences in the public and private realm. Each project represents a dynamic melding of my creative vision with on-site teams, physical practicalities and project requirements.


Find more information about my exhibitions, publications and creative process here. Simply calling attention to the impressions of wind, water or light on the surface of things has the potential to transform one’s way of relating to what is perceived. Over time, what is gathered from my daily experience and perceptions is reworked in the artwork.


The Farm River outside my studio in Branford Connecticut is my muse, providing aesthetic sustenance and continual inspiration for creative reverie. My studio provides a vantage point for studying the life of this tidal river and an incubator of ideas emerging from its eternal ebb and flow. I trace the river’s contours, currents, reflections, surface, and movements with endless curiosity for what can be found, lost and re-discovered there. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more about my artwork.