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Radiant Nature Lighting

Capturing the dance of light and nature through trans-illuminated photographic imagery.

The Radiant Nature portfolio features photographic images drawn from nature to stimulate wonder and provide an ambiance of calm, expansive relaxation. The artworks can be viewed as photographic prints on the wall, or as trans-illuminated images on film, glowing from the light of LED or florescent fixtures.

Smilow Hospital of Yale New-Haven selected a custom portfolio of images from the Radiant Nature portfolio to install in ceiling fixtures in patient rooms, care centers and hospital corridors. The artwork shown here is produced on back-lit photographic panels that are easily inserted into existing fluorescent overhead lighting fixtures.

Project Portfolio

Panels shown here are 23” x 46”.

More Information

To learn more about this and other projects, or to request proposals for public or private commissions, please contact Linda Cummings Studio.