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Ebb and Flow
NYU Langone

Stirring the Waters, 2010 (Installation View)

Binary Rivalry, 2010 (Installation View)

Especially in a busy urban healthcare setting like NYU Langone in New York City, patients, caregivers and staff seek ease and comfort in an environment designed to relax, and refocus the mind and body. Photographs from my  “Stirring the Waters” and “Binary Rivalry” portfolios were selected to flow as sequences of two or more images through corridors and in waiting rooms to create an opportunity for quiet reflection upon one’s own relationship to the natural ebb and flow of life.

Contact with nature-based art has been shown to energize and replenish the imagination with a renewed sense of possibility, pleasant memories and belonging. Identification with nature’s beauty, strength and resilience fosters hope and can inspire confidence in one’s own ability to heal.

Project Gallery

Drawing Water I-V


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Selected portfolios included on view at NYU Langone

Drawn Together, 2010 (Binary Rivalry)

Binary Rivalry


Hovering, 2009 (Stirring the Waters)

Stirring the Waters


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